A common modern practice is to use THX or THNX abbreviations as an expression of thanks. These two „new form“ abbreviations came from internet but our new radio brethren transferred them onto radio waves. It is unchangeable sign that the user of such junky abbreviations is a NO-CODER. A thinking skilled ham can easily compare the sound of TNX and THX (or even worse THNX) on CW, unskilled “wannabe” ham radio newbie not. There is no apology regardless of the fact that these creatures can be seen almost exclusively on the cluster, in discussions and on the keyboard “macromodes”. So, please note that TNX or TKS are ham radio abbreviations, having their distinctive meaning and sound on the CW mode. THX or THNX are internet abbreviations, hardly acceptable among hams. Note also that there is nothing bad if you use TNX or TKS in internet discussions, emails etc.

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