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Here is the latest version of the TRMASTER file for TR Log (N6TR), TR log linux port (W9CF) and TR4W (N4AF). It contains the complete FOC list, CWops list and HSC list as well as many calls frequently appearing in CW events. TRMASTER.ASC source is included. =N name =F FOC =U CWops (should be used

Orion to Yaesu BCD encoder band swicthing

The PDF file OrionBandData which has AD5X design for a encoder which takes the band data output of an Orion and converts to proper levels the BCD data needed to band switching of Yaesu as well as ICOM amplifiers. Thanks to AD5X for the design. Download here.
QSL manager database utility

QSL managers database utility

This little utility for Linux (written by Petr, OK2CQR) is an easy to operate tool for maintenance of a database of QSL managers. It provides csv import, conversion to uppercase, sorting, dupe check and cleaning. There is also possible to add, edit or delete any record manually. This version works with Ubuntu 12.04 and utilizes

Edmund A. Laport’s textbook Radio Antenna Engineering

Here is a printer friendly copy of the Edmund A. Laport’s textbook Radio Antenna Engineering credits and thanks go to Dave Platt, AE6EO The Book Radio Antenna Engineering was published in 1952, and presents an excellent overview of the state of commercial antenna system engineering as practiced in the first half of the 20th century.

QSL Managers Database

LAST UPDATE: 23-JUL-2021 This free downloadable QSL Manager Database provides simple QSL info in CSV text format containing the DX call, QSL manager’s call and the date of first publishing. No addresses, no other info. This file is intended for use with most recent versions of CQRLOG for Linux but it can be used anywhere