L. B. Cebik’s (W4RNL) Antenna Site

L. B. Cebik, W4RNL passed away in April, 2008. He maintained a Web site, www.cebik.com, a virtual treasure trove to anyone interested in antennas. Besides a few notes on the history of radio work and other bits that Cebik called “semi-technical oddities,” the collection contains information of interest to radio amateurs and professionals interested in antennas, antenna modeling and related subjects, such as antenna tuners and impedance matching. Cebik said that his notes were “geared to helping other radio amateurs and antenna enthusiasts discover what I have managed to uncover over the years — and then to go well beyond.”

His Web site also contains information on antenna modeling. His book, Basic Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial for Nittany-Scientific’s NEC-Win Plus NEC-2 antenna modeling software, contains models in .NEC format for over 150 exercises. “Since the principles in the book apply to any modeling software,” Cebik said, “I have also created the same exercise models in the EZNEC format. For more advanced modelers using either NEC-2 or NEC-4, I have prepared an additional volume, Intermediate Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial, based on Nittany-Scientific’s NEC-Win Pro and GNEC. The volume includes hundreds of antenna models used in the text to demonstrate virtually the complete command set (along with similarities and differences) used by both cores.”

Unfortunately his web site disappeared in the meantime. Some of its content is on many places on the net but nothing is a complete and well searchable archive. I tried to revive his web site as a tagged, easy to search PDF file. Download here (179 MB).


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