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A Modest Proposal
By Victor Rosenthal, 4X6GP


While waiting for VP6R to operate CW instead of FT-8 on 20 or 15 meters during the very short openings to the Middle East, I began to think that FT-8 might not be as bad as I’d believed. My thoughts turned to ways that it could be improved. And suddenly I got an idea that I think will revolutionize digital mode operation, amateur radio in general, and maybe even pay for my beer.

Stop using FT-8

FT-8 is so much less labour and operator skill-intensive than CW/SSB that it has a fatal attraction for DXpeditions – more people can be worked more easily and more quickly. Added to this, “He who holds the gold makes the rules” and DXpeditions mostly hold the gold as we want to work them. So if

Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules Will Expand DXCC List

The ARRL Board of Directors approved a motion to amend the DXCC Rules, when it met January 19-20. Section II, Subsection 1 of the DXCC Rules now will include a new Subsection (d): The entity has a separate IARU member society and is included on the US State Department Independent States in the World. In

Slovak (OM) prefixes and county codes

Prefix County County code OM1 Bratislava I BAA Bratislava II BAB Bratislava III BAC Bratislava IV BAD Bratislava V BAE Malacky MAL Pezinok PEZ Senec SEN   OM2 Trnava TRN Dunajská Streda DST Galanta GAL Hlohovec HLO Piešťany PIE Senica SEA Skalica SKA   OM3 old calls from Czechoslovakia, prefix moved from OK3 => OM3
Cornwall GK

GK callsigns – Cornwall, UK

Earlier this year, representatives of some radio amateurs in Cornwall, UK approached Ofcom (The UK government dept regulating the radio spectrum) to request temporary use of the Regional Secondary Locator “K” for Kernow, the Cornish word for Cornwall, following the recognition of the Cornish People under the Framework Convention on National Minorities. Ofcom has agreed

WAS, DXCC 60m program

Recently I did an article concerning the 60m WAS program, and now I will try to give a brief, concise discussion as it relates to DX chasing on our 60m channels. The subject is extremely complicated, and one would have to be a DXer from day one in July 2003 to appreciate the difficult nature of working DX and chasing DXCC countries on the band. Those new DXers trying out the 60m channels need to read the history of 60m and become informed on what etiquette has developed over the years, especially with respect to getting along with ragchewers and being more gentlemanly in our efforts to work DX on 60m and not become deliberate QRMers. We all know how much that has destroyed DXing these past few years.


A common modern practice is to use THX or THNX abbreviations as an expression of thanks. These two „new form“ abbreviations came from internet but our new radio brethren transferred them onto radio waves. It is unchangeable sign that the user of such junky abbreviations is a NO-CODER. A thinking skilled ham can easily compare

EUCW Snakes and Ladders

EUCW LogoAbout Snakes and Ladders

This activity is being introduced into the EuCW calendar for 2014. It will begin on 1. April 2014 and run through until 31. March 2015. The goal of this activity is to promote the use of CW on the CW-portions of the amateur radio bands, and above all to stimulate operators to establish contacts with counterparts equally divided over Europe. Points may be earned by participants based on locator squares, reflecting their efforts to spread their CW activity over Europe.

T10VB Transnistria – no DXCC Credit

Vlad Bykov, UA4WHX activated this entity as T10VB. There is no DXCC credit, also the authority issued the call T10VB is still unknown as well as chances to become a new DXCC country. Some info from http://www.transnistria.info/ Over 1000 people died in a fight for independent freedom in 1992, which was focused on Transnistria’s administrative