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QSL Bureau – a big shame?

[DXNL 1821 – February 27th, 2013]: Changes in the USKA QSL bureau: QSL cards for non-members of the Swiss IARU society USKA will no longer be returned with a “Not Member” stamp, but silently discarded, to save work and money. What a shame! This is known problem for many years: the QSL Bureau is roughly

Russian prefixes and zones

Territory CQ Zone ITU Zone Cont. Lat. Long. Time offset Terr. ID Prefixes Mirny Station 29 69 AN -66.55 -93.00 0.0 AN 1AN Franz Josef Land 40 75 EU 80.68 -49.92 -3.0 FJ 1FJ Saint Petersburg 16 29 EU 59.95 -30.30 -4.0 SP 1A 1B 1F 1H 1J 1L 1M Leningradskaya 16 29 EU 60.05

Niue changes prefix from ZK2 to E6

On 2012, August 3, the ITU updated its Table of International Call Sign Series to reflect a call sign change for Niue Island. The island will now have the entire E6 prefix block. Niue, an island approximately 1700 miles northeast of New Zealand, is a self-governing island nation that has been in free association with

The Islamic Republic of Azawad – a new DXCC entity?

The “new” country of Azawad was “born” per a signed accord between the Tuareg people of the MNLA (Movement for the Liberation of Azawad) and the jihadists of Ansar Dine.  The political reasons leading to the founding of the two so diverse movements are still somewhat unclear, with the Tuareg proponents of a secular state

1A0C – Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Thirty years have passed since 1A made its way onto the DXCC list. And an activation by an International team looks to celebrate the uniqueness of this event. So, from the 1st to the 4th July 2012, we will listen them on the air as 1A0C from Santa Maria del Priorato, home of the Sovereign

Operations not accepted for DXCC

CALLSIGN PERIOD ENTITY NOT VALID FOR: REMARKS 0S0C JUL’94 PRINC. SEBORGA DXCC Not a DXCC Entity 0S1A JUL’94 PRINC. SEBORGA DXCC Not a DXCC Entity 1A0KM DEC’95 S.M.O.M. DXCC Only on 10 meters 1A0KM/IBYO     DXCC Shipboard operation 1A6SBO   Bishop Rock (CA) DXCC Unauthorized operation (1967) 1B (ALL)   TURKISH REP. N. CYPRUS


To err is human

That aphorism by an ancient Roman philosopher contains an unexpressed thought: that man, recognizing his error, can correct it, surpass himself, and approach perfection.

And here is another term, circulated by the operators of rare DX stations who reside in exotic locations and by those who spend time and money on DXpeditions and contest operations. It is "European behaviour", this term is used by our friends across the pond and assumes too much. "European behaviour" negatively characterises the conduct of amateurs from more than 50 European nations, so different in origin, culture, language and temperament, that it is difficult to find for them a common denominator. These operators firmly allege that in most every occasion the much-trumpeted amateur spirit of friendship and international co-operation is forgotten, when arises Hamlet's question, To work or not to work a new one?


For many years seamen and navigators have been referring to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as “Z-time”. GMT has been noted as Greenwich Civil Time (GCT) and lately with the advent of a universal community as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Note that the initials UTC do not fit the words Coordinated Universal Time, but due to

Russian prefix system

Russian prefix system effective since January 21, 2010 Classes and Prefixes 1st Class: R0AA – R9ZZ (except HQ suffix); RA0AA – RZ9ZZ (except RB0-RB9, RE0-RE9, RH-RH9, RI0-RI9, RP0-RP9, RR0-RR9 and RS0-RS9 prefixes); UA0AA – UI9ZZ; RA0A – RZ9Z (except RB0-RB9, RE0-RE9, RH0-RH9, RI0-RI9, RP0-RP9, RR0-RR9 and RS0-RS9 prefixes); UA0A – UI9Z. 2nd Class: R0AAA-R9ZZZ (except

Many thanks, IARU/ARRL!

Comments on the ‘No Code Proposed for for All U.S. Classes’ Read it (click here) and weep. (K5**) What’s to weep about? I’m sure ARRL will be thrilled by this, since this is what they’ve wanted all along. They’ve been pushing for reduced standards for as long as I can remember, aided and abetted by