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Aliexpress - beware!

An open letter to Aliexpress

Aliexpress - beware!Chinese traders have the worst reputation in the world. One trader is able to sell shoes, garden furniture and special electronics at the same time and does not understand any of it. His goal is to earn at all costs and does not shy away from robbing the customer in any way. Brands are often counterfeited, inappropriate, simplified technologies are used, and the use of inferior components and materials is common. The trader is not interested in the value of the product, the product is only taken as a means to make a profit. The Chinese trader does not respect or know European trade rules, apparently unable to understand that a European is not interested in cheaper goods if it means lower quality. If an European wants to save, he will reach for a simpler model with fewer options, but only if even the simpler model meets the basic requirements for functionality and is made of quality components. The rule "we are not rich enough to afford cheap things" always applies.

Stop using FT-8

FT-8 is so much less labour and operator skill-intensive than CW/SSB that it has a fatal attraction for DXpeditions – more people can be worked more easily and more quickly. Added to this, “He who holds the gold makes the rules” and DXpeditions mostly hold the gold as we want to work them. So if

Notes on call/QRP

Many well respected operators offered their opinions on call/QRP. It is considered sometimes as trying to gain unfair advantage, sometimes as deliberate altering of an official callsign but the majority considered it as counter-productive practice hurting both the user and his QSO partner. There is a significant number of high-profile DXpeditioners and contesters avoiding working, logging and QSLing call/QRP users.

Facebook Says OK to Ham Calls As Alternate Name

Officially licensed amateur radio operators may now use their call sign as their alternate name, or nickname, on their individual Facebook profiles. This thanks to Richard Bobbitt, NW7OR, who recently organized a petition drive on the social media site in the hope of achieving this goal. It turned out that Jeff Ferland, KB1PNB, who works

The FOC QSO Party will be held on 25 March 2017

G8VGThe First Class CW Operators Club, with its roots, history and management in the UK, promotes good CW operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of 500. The aim of the Club is to foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur radio bands.

The FOC QSO Party is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide. It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the BWQP should call "CQBW," in memory of Bill.

Warning Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8

August 21st, 2013 – LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA Wolf Richter – “A Special Surveillance Chip” According to leaked internal documents from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that Die Zeit obtained, IT experts figured out that Windows 8, the touch-screen enabled, super-duper,

FOC – FOCUS75 Magazine

During the month of May 2013 the First Class CW Operators’ Club hosted a CW QSO Party, FOC75, to help celebrate the Club’s 75th Anniversary. This turned into a major CW fun event for the whole month. Over 60 stations around the world signed with the *FOC prefix, making over 200,000 CW QSOs and leading

Heathkit closing again

For those of us who grew up building Heathkits and hoped that the company would rebuild itself successfully, it looks as though there is no longer any hope. The Heath Co. was founded in 1926 as an aircraft company but shifted its focus several times to remain competitive. After World War II the company switched