QSL Managers Database


This free downloadable QSL Manager Database provides simple QSL info in CSV text format containing the DX call, QSL manager’s call and the date of first publishing. No addresses, no other info. This file is intended for use with most recent versions of CQRLOG for Linux but it can be used anywhere due to the simple text format.

Remember that all data are maintained in Linux which uses a different type of line ends than DOS/Windows. If your program does not accept this, simply open the file in a text editor (ie. Notepad) and save again.

Data content is published in order


(semicolon separated). The date format is yyyy-mm and does not mean the validity date limits, however if a station has multiple QSL managers, it helps to choose the right one.

The initial version contains data of >25000 stations from a timespan of 2001-2012. Expected monthly updates and no data older than 10 years (older data will be removed and stored in the archive). No data from DX cluster, this database is collected from the most reliable known DX Bulletins. No guarantee of correctness and/or completness. Use at your own risk!

Changes in the QSL Managers Database

Further analysis shows that QSL routes are used mostly once, in the month of publishing. Very few hams looking for older data and the need of QSL Routes older than 4 years is negligible. Therefore, a huge database of QSL Routes with records older than a decade is an overkill. Growing number of LoTW confirmations and eQSL records results in a lowered importance of QSL Route info. Since Jan. 1, 2014, the database used in CQRlog is trimmed, all records older than January 2011 are removed. The old database with 34034 records is now reduced to smaller one with 11438 records covering time span from Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2013 + some known future routes for 2014. We hope that a smaller database will load and import faster will almost none impact to the comfortable QSL Route on-the-fly as used in CQRlog.

The latest “large” version of QSL Managers Database was released on Dec. 31, 2017 (contains data before this date) and is available for download here.

Download the recent version of QSL Managers Database here. Data 2018-01 and later.

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