T10VB Transnistria – no DXCC Credit

Vlad Bykov, UA4WHX activated this entity as T10VB. There is no DXCC credit, also the authority issued the call T10VB is still unknown as well as chances to become a new DXCC country.

Some info from http://www.transnistria.info/

Over 1000 people died in a fight for independent freedom in 1992, which was focused on Transnistria’s administrative capital of Tiraspol. The fighting was dominated by the Russian army, who eventually brought it to an end.

The country of Moldova, inside which Transnistria is situated, protested the stationing of troops in the area – Transnistrians are more sympathetic to Russian ways than the Moldovans. Transnistria occupies a thin strip of land between the Dniestr River and Ukraine.

The Transnistrians say they are an independent country – they have their own bank notes, officials, a president and their own public holidays – most of the world, however, does not recognize them as an independent country.


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