Drop-Proof Antenna Analyzer

While working on antennas some people have a bad experience with the antena analyzer dropping from the tower etc. An useful solution would be to attach some kind of lanyard (cord, line) and then have the loop end over your head. That way, if this unit were to slip out of a pocket it would just hang at the end of the lanyard. I was also afraid of dropping the unit, or putting strain on the antenna connector of my SARK-110. Here is the solution.

VK3BUF has a brilliant idea – made up an arm strap and put a couple of velcro patches on the back of the SARK-110 analyser. Now both hands are free to do work, while safely monitoring the results.

Arm strap in action

Arm strap ready to use

Free idea to anyone who wants to replicate it, although if some clever company were to put some together for a modest price, I’m sure there would be lots of people who would find it useful.

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