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Edmund A. Laport’s textbook Radio Antenna Engineering

Here is a printer friendly copy of the Edmund A. Laport’s textbook Radio Antenna Engineering credits and thanks go to Dave Platt, AE6EO The Book Radio Antenna Engineering was published in 1952, and presents an excellent overview of the state of commercial antenna system engineering as practiced in the first half of the 20th century.

QSL Managers Database

LAST UPDATE: 23-JUL-2021 This free downloadable QSL Manager Database provides simple QSL info in CSV text format containing the DX call, QSL manager’s call and the date of first publishing. No addresses, no other info. This file is intended for use with most recent versions of CQRLOG for Linux but it can be used anywhere

Russian vacuum relays

P1D-1V P2D-2V V1D-2V1 P1D-3V P2D-3V V1D-2V2 P1V-1 P4D-1V V1D-3V1 P2D-1AV P4G-2V V1D-3V2 P2D-1V P5G-2V V1D-4V

Transmitting tubes

Tubes Sockets Documents and White Papers Most wanted: FU-728F  (another datasheet here) Tubes 2C39A (Eimac) 4PR1000A GS-31B QY3-1000A TB1-60 2C39A (Philips) 4PR400A GS-35B QY3-125 TB2-500 2C39B 4X150A GS-3A QY3-65 TB2.5-300 2C39WA 4X150A GS-9B QY4-400 TB2.5-300 (another datasheet) 3-1000Z 4X150A GS14 QY4-500A TB2.5-400 3-1000Z 4X250B GS15B QY5-3000A TB2.5-400 (another datasheet) 3-400Z 4X5000A GS17B QY5-500 TB3-1000 3-500Z