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Many friends asking me to comment the new ZACH Iambic Magnetic paddle which I am now using. So, my trusty N2DAN Mercury has now a longer vacation and the new ZACH became my daily-paddle. It is very easy to adjust, much easier then the Merc. And once adjusted, I can forget what, where and why…


This twin lever iambic paddle is manufactured using NC machinery for absolute precision. The base is a solid (3.937″ x 2.362″ x 0.393″, 2.2 pound) chunk of brass, topped with sanded finish, patina and a protective coating. This key uses a fully encapsulated construction, a separate block of 1.574 x 1.574 x 1.181″ houses all mechanical elements – contacts and bearings are completely protected from dust and moisture. There are no separate posts to hold the precision adjustments for the contact gap and the magnetic tension – just one block of metal which will not vibrate no matter how hard you hit the paddles, and which won’t slide around on your table. The connection is accomplished with a cable with standard flat USB connector. An oval insert plate with engraved call sign is standard option (to be placed into the oval slot on the top).

Can I recommend this paddle? Definitely yes!

P.S.: I am not related to the manufacturer. I am just pleased with my new toy…