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The TR4W support group is pleased to announce that TR4W is now Open Source’d on GitHub and licensed under GPL V3.

TR4W (TRlog 4 Windows) is an amalgam of base TRLOG code (TR4W/SRC/TRDOS) -originally authored and Copyrighted by N6TR, with a Windows application layer (TR4W/SRC) -originally authored and Copyrighted by UA4WLI. TR4W is mostly 3GL with some critical code in assembler. As such it is built for speed and supports over 150 contests.

The code is written in Object Pascal and can be compiled using Delphi 7 compiler, which you can google.

The source can be located at https://github.com/n4af/TR4W
Additional product information is available at http://tr4w.net/

Questions regarding code modification may be addressed to tr4wsupport<at>googlegroups.com

73, Howie N4AF

The TRMASTER.DTA database with CWops, FOC, HSC membership and names of more than 3500 contest regular participants can be downloaded here.