QSL managers database utility

This little utility for Linux (written by Petr, OK2CQR) is an easy to operate tool for maintenance of a database of QSL managers. It provides csv import, conversion to uppercase, sorting, dupe check and cleaning. There is also possible to add, edit or delete any record manually. This version works with Ubuntu 12.04 and utilizes the Firebird database. All files are included, no installation needed – just unpack into any folder and go.

QSL manager database utility

The format is simple CSV (semicolon separated) text in order:

DX_call;Manager_call;Date (YYYY-MM)







The ‘Date’ should be interpreted as “this manager is valid since…”. If a station has more than a single QSL manager, the valid QSL route is the one with the date closest to date of your QSO and BEFORE your QSO.

The dupes can be removed. As dupe is considered a record with the same DX_call and Manager_call. If a dupe is found while clicking the ‘Remove dupes’ option in the upper menu, the “oldest” record is kept, other are removed.

Download the utility here.