CAVEAT EMPTOR: Chinese soldering flux ZJ-18

Many sellers from China/Hong Kong offering on eBay a “solder flux” which is of very bad quality.

This junk is marked as

“150g High Intensity Professional Solder Soldering Paste Flux Gel für BGA SMD Lot”
“ZJ-18 80g Environmental Soldering Solder Flux Paste Grease Gel”
“Advanced Quality ZJ-18 Soldering Solder Flux Paste”


Almost zero efficiency! Grease based with very low percentage of rosin, leaves the board fat, negligible effect on solder spreading, no cleaning effect. Bad product, worthless!

Aliexpress - beware!

An open letter to Aliexpress

Aliexpress - beware!Chinese traders have the worst reputation in the world. One trader is able to sell shoes, garden furniture and special electronics at the same time and does not understand any of it. His goal is to earn at all costs and does not shy away from robbing the customer in any way. Brands are often counterfeited, inappropriate, simplified technologies are used, and the use of inferior components and materials is common. The trader is not interested in the value of the product, the product is only taken as a means to make a profit. The Chinese trader does not respect or know European trade rules, apparently unable to understand that a European is not interested in cheaper goods if it means lower quality. If an European wants to save, he will reach for a simpler model with fewer options, but only if even the simpler model meets the basic requirements for functionality and is made of quality components. The rule “we are not rich enough to afford cheap things” always applies.

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