FOC – FOCUS75 Magazine

During the month of May 2013 the First Class CW Operators’ Club hosted a CW QSO Party, FOC75, to help celebrate the Club’s 75th Anniversary. This turned into a major CW fun event for the whole month. Over 60 stations around the world signed with the *FOC prefix, making over 200,000 CW QSOs and leading to over 1,600 applications for our commemorative certificate – well beyond our wildest dreams. This was a major tribute to Samuel Morse, Alfred Vail and to the Club’s motto: “A man should keep his friendship in constant repair” (Samuel Johnson, 1709-1789).

FOC publishes a quarterly magazine for its members called “FOCUS”, a high-quality magazine edited by Gabor, S57WJ. But this FOC75 event met with such huge success that we have decided to publish an extra edition, called “FOCUS75”. FOC is pleased to share this special edition of our magazine with not only members but also anyone who enjoys CW. Just go to to down-load it. Read the whole story of this month-long celebration of Morse Code, especially the operating experiences around the world, and see photos of those who made it happen in a pull-out poster.

CW is alive and well and will remain so for at least the next 75 years – FOC will see to that!

73 de Roger/G3SXW,
FOC Committee Secretary.