CW Academy

The CW Operators’ Club announces its CW Academy, a program aimed at increasing the fun of using CW in the world of Ham Radio. The program addresses all levels of enthusiasts; from those aspiring to become licensed operators with a desire to learn Morse Code, all the way to veteran operators wanting to increase their CW activity, skills, and code speed.

Those wishing to participate will register here. A CWops member/advisor will be assigned to each registrant as a mentor and on-air contact.  We will use “sub-bands” similar to the Novice bands of yesteryear for all Academy students, CWops advisors, and CWops members to communicate with one another worldwide (e.g. 3.550-3.570, 7.050-7.070, 14.050-14.070, 21.050-21.070 and 28.050-28.070).

So, if you’ve always wanted to join the fun of using Morse Code over the air, or want to become a better CW operator, we welcome you to the CW Academy. Just sign up here and we’ll contact you, shortly.