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CW Academy

The CW Operators’ Club announces its CW Academy, a program aimed at increasing the fun of using CW in the world of Ham Radio. The program addresses all levels of enthusiasts; from those aspiring to become licensed operators with a desire to learn Morse Code, all the way to veteran operators wanting to increase their

Do you know what means ei-wan ku-ra-bu?

It is japanese pronunciation of A1 CLUB! Homophone Kanji-character for ei-wan ku-ra-bu is selected by Hiro, JA1HHF. He selected Kanji-character carefully including profound meaning. He said that CW enthusiasts gathered in our club have various talents on CW operation. Someone runs Morsecode very fast by his sharp arm, and someone play Morsecode leisurely like a

New DX cluster node

In addition to the web interface at http://www.hamqth.com/dxcluster.php there is also new DX cluster node OK2CQR-1, accessible from telnet hamqth.com 7300. It can be defined in your logging contesting in the following way: address: hamqth.com port: 7300 login: your_call_sign (ie. G3ABC) Congrats to Petr OK2CQR who created this very complex project at http://www.hamqth.com.