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They trashing my
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EUCW Snakes and Ladders

EUCW LogoAbout Snakes and Ladders

This activity is being introduced into the EuCW calendar for 2014. It will begin on 1. April 2014 and run through until 31. March 2015. The goal of this activity is to promote the use of CW on the CW-portions of the amateur radio bands, and above all to stimulate operators to establish contacts with counterparts equally divided over Europe. Points may be earned by participants based on locator squares, reflecting their efforts to spread their CW activity over Europe.

QSL Bureau - a big shame?

[DXNL 1821 - February 27th, 2013]: Changes in the USKA QSL bureau:
QSL cards for non-members of the Swiss IARU society USKA will no longer be returned with a "Not Member" stamp, but silently discarded, to save work and money.

What a shame! This is known problem for many years: the QSL Bureau is roughly abused by a national Ham Radio Society (mostly IARU member) to force hams in the country to join. On the other hand, the Ham radio society officers whining about declining ham-spirit and operating skils. Isn't something rotten there with the IARU and ham radio generally? Why a QSL Bureau can't serve at non-profit basis for an acceptably small fee to ALL HAMS IN THE COUNTRY, regardless of membership?

A particular ham may have a half dozen of reasons to NOT be A MEMBER of the local Ham Radio Society but such ham is excluded from the common QSL exchange. This is an usual practice in many countries for years.

Anyway, my QSL card is MY PROPERTY until delivery to the recipient. I pay for a QSL card (printing, labels, my postal or QSL Bureau expenses etc.) in good belief that it will be delivered to the recipient. The Ham Radio Society decides to silently discard my property without informing me about my waste money.

How much QSL cards discarded do I need to initiate a lawsuit to get a compensation? Where should I get a proof that they actually made such nasty act?


Winkey USB works in Linux

It is an UDP server allowing operation of the Winkey USB by K1EL with any Linux program with UDP keyer capability. It works in the same way as the popular cwdaemon. With Winkeyer USB server expands the useability of this excellent product to all Linux program with UDP keyer capability (TLF by PA0R etc.).


winkeyer_server_0.4.0 (32bit)

winkeyer_server_0.4.0 (64bit)

Just for the case of problems with your current distribution, the older version may work for you.



CW Academy

The CW Operators' Club announces its CW Academy, a program aimed at increasing the fun of using CW in the world of Ham Radio. The program addresses all levels of enthusiasts; from those aspiring to become licensed operators with a desire to learn Morse Code, all the way to veteran operators wanting to increase their CW activity, skills, and code speed.

Those wishing to participate will register here. A CWops member/advisor will be assigned to each registrant as a mentor and on-air contact.  We will use "sub-bands" similar to the Novice bands of yesteryear for all Academy students, CWops advisors, and CWops members to communicate with one another worldwide (e.g. 3.550-3.570, 7.050-7.070, 14.050-14.070, 21.050-21.070 and 28.050-28.070).

So, if you've always wanted to join the fun of using Morse Code over the air, or want to become a better CW operator, we welcome you to the CW Academy. Just sign up here and we'll contact you, shortly.

Reading recommended

Frank van Wensveen, PA3GMP/ZS6TMV, has a nice website where under title 'Everything but the kitchen sink' published a lot of stuff interesting mainly to computer freaks but not only to them. "A personal, lengthy, but highly articulate outburst" titled 'Why I hate Microsoft' is full of less known facts. Read, look, get inspired and try to verify some facts published here, you will be probably surprised!

New DX cluster node

In addition to the web interface at http://www.hamqth.com/dxcluster.php there is also new DX cluster node OK2CQR-1, accessible from telnet hamqth.com 7300. It can be defined in your logging contesting in the following way:

address: hamqth.com

port: 7300

login: your_call_sign (ie. G3ABC)

Congrats to Petr OK2CQR who created this very complex project at http://www.hamqth.com.

Do you know what means ei-wan ku-ra-bu?

It is japanese pronunciation of A1 CLUB! Homophone Kanji-character for ei-wan ku-ra-bu is selected by Hiro, JA1HHF. He selected Kanji-character carefully including profound meaning. He said that CW enthusiasts gathered in our club have various talents on CW operation.

Someone runs Morsecode very fast by his sharp arm, and someone play Morsecode leisurely like a dancing spiral shell.

1A0C – Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Thirty years have passed since 1A made its way onto the DXCC list. And an activation by an International team looks to celebrate the uniqueness of this event. So, from the 1st to the 4th July 2012, we will listen them on the air as 1A0C from Santa Maria del Priorato, home of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The callsign that will be used belongs to the “The Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)”, an organization specialized in bringing assistance and relief during emergencies. This underscores the dual value of this activation. On the one hand, there’s the fun side ham radio, giving a not so easy “new one” to as many stations as possible (especially from the US and Japan).

On the other hand, however, there’s the noble goal, as often seen in ham radio, where a spirit of cooperation and mutual aid are shared by operators all over the world. The team’s aim, in fact, is to raise funds – thanks to donations and contributions from QSL requests – in order to buy radio equipment which The Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps volunteers will be able to use in case of emergencies.

The operators list includes: 1A0X, 1A0Z, EA2RY, EA5RM, EA7AJR, EA7KW, F5CWU, IN3ZNR, IT9YVO, IZ8IYX, PB2T, SP3DOI and KH6CG as a pilot for North America and Pacific. They will be active on HF+6m and the QSLs for contacts with 1A0C can be requested via Francesco Cozzi, 1A0Z.